5 Levels of TechnoSavvy Bliss

Technology savvy individuals interface with technology at very different levels. There’s a big difference between an earlier adopter and a trend follower. There’s a big difference between a programmer and user.

There are 5 levels of technology savvy:
1. Trend Followers
Trend Followers are comfortable using technology. They use the popular products and services that everyone else uses. They will try new technologies when their friends have tried it first.

2. Power Customers
Power Customers are enthusiastic consumers of new technology who are always happy to check out the latest innovations. Power customers make or break new technology by trying new products and services first. Power customers influence and motivate others to try their favorite new discoveries.

3. Designers
Designers know how technologies work. They are the engineers and creative professionals who design new technologies.

4. Architects
Architects know how to fit technology building blocks together to make new things. They are the masterminds behind technology products and organizations.

5. Innovation Leaders
Innovation leaders know how to reinvent technology. They are the creative force behind innovative technology ideas, products and architectures.