5 Reasons Businesses Should Care About Hashtags

As the humble hashtag has become more ubiquitous businesses have found more creative ways to use them. Here are five reasons your business should embrace the hashtag.


These little symbols level the playing field for small businesses as well since the barrier to launching a campaign is simply your imagination. Hashtags also make it easy to track a promotion’s activity across all our social platforms.


Since all of the major social networks are now supporting hashtags new tools like Tagboard are cropping up, which allow you to track a hashtag across all the major networks or filter them individually.


Of course, sometimes you want to see what the masses are saying. Giving your customer your website URL doesn’t make it easy to begin a conversation, but hashtags do.


If, for example, you want to reach people who own a dog, new marketing tools allow you to advertise based on hashtags. Twitter obviously lets you target ads on their network  by category or interest, but so do other marketing firms. Unlike going after a general web surfer on the open web, people who use hashtags are likely those who are engaging in the social conversation and therefore more likely to share a positive experience with your brand once you’ve broken through.


It’s important to remember that the use of hashtags are still in their infancy. Because they’re so flexible, simple and ubiquitous, more businesses are finding creative ways to add power behind the hashtag.