5 steps to fix a broken process

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Broken is broken. Prompt action is necessary to avoid the negative effects of a broken process to propagate throughout the business. Processes are like highways in your business. Any clog could be damaging.

Diagnose problem
Gather information on the problem by speaking with the people involved in the process. Observe and understand the pain points. Separate the effects from the causes. Investigate and identify the root cause of the broken process.

Collect data
Collect data on volume, processing time, delay, and other relevant measurements that could be useful for sizing the problem. It is important to understand the magnitude of effects, which affects the type and choice of the solution.

Brainstorm options
List potential solutions for fixing the process. The solution could be a partial fix for the short-term or a full solution that requires extensive work. Vet the options with the people who do the work to ensure that they make sense. Assess the costs and benefits.

Implement solution
Follow a detail plan for implementation. Communicate the purpose and how, provide relevant and appropriate training, offer support on change, and apply common sense throughout the implementation.

Finetune solution
Monitor improvements and determine if modifications are necessary. Perfection is not the goal but you want to eliminate the deficiencies to achieve the intended improvements. Finetune the solution to enhance results.